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Product Spotlight: Perforated Leather Watch Band

Product Spotlight: Perforated Leather Watch Band Dec / 20
By Peng Liang

Product Spotlight: Perforated Leather Watch Band

At Monowear, we’re constantly trying to innovate and present the Apple Watch community with new and exciting options. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our new perforated leather watch band.

This type of watch band has been available for traditional watches for decades, which is why we decided to create one for the Apple Watch user. With the new perforated leather watch band, Monowear delivers something that’s both classic and new to the Monowear line of Apple Watch bands.


What You’re Getting

Monowear has established a reputation for several key traits with every product: quality materials, adaptability, and strong designs that leave a lasting impression. With the new perforated leather Apple Watch band, these same standards are still part of the package, but in a new product, one that may be familiar to watch enthusiasts but new to the Apple Watch market.

As with all Monowear products, our material selection and manufacturing standards are top-notch. The outer side of this watch band features genuine leather with perforations systemically notched into it for better breathability, lighter weight, and an overall easier feel when wearing an Apple Watch. The inside of the band still features Monowear’s suede leather found in other pieces -- top-of-the-line genuine leather for durability and comfort. This is brought together with subtle edge stitching and a tapered shape for a streamlined look.

Of course, you’re going to want to be choose your color for your Apple Watch band. Monowear offers the perforated leather watch band in three colors:

Black: Sleek and classic, the black watch band is both timeless and bold.

Chestnut: A warm brown hue, the chestnut watch band offers a more traditional style for the Apple Watch.

Gray: Monowear’s gray leather watch bands provide a modern look with traditional comfort, perfect for the Apple Watch.