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Knock-Offs vs. Brands: Finding The Right Apple Watch Band

Knock-Offs vs. Brands: Finding The Right Apple Watch Band Dec / 20
By Peng Liang

Knock-Offs vs. Brands: Finding The Right Apple Watch Band

The Apple Watch is one of the most exciting innovations in smart technology across the last few years: finally, a smart display that is as easily accessible as a traditional watch -- and unlike a smartphone or tablet, it can be a fashionable accessory as well. That's where the watch band comes in, and watch bands offer many different looks and styles to adapt to your situation. Going out for the night? Hitting the gym? Heading to the office? A good set of Apple Watch bands seamlessly adapt to your wardrobe and activity. 

The question is: which ones to buy? As you begin to browse Amazon and other online sellers, you may notice the usual brand-name products but you'll also find numerous unknown quantities selling for really cheap -- cheap, as in a fraction of the price of a standard product. These are typically knock-off bands, imported on the cheap from overseas.

It's tempting to save money and buy these knock-offs. Who can argue with such a cost savings? Here's the problem: it may be a lower price upfront, but it may cost you more in grief and a replacement in the long run. Let's take a closer look.

Where Can You Get Watch Bands

Apple Watch bands are sold in many different online outlets, from the expected (Apple, Amazon) to the bargain-hunter outlets (eBay, Amazon's marketplace). You can also find them in stores at the Apple Store or tech retailers like Best Buy. When going through official outlets such as the Apple Store or established manufacturers sold through Amazon, there's a certain threshold of quality to expect -- that quality comes with the higher price tag.